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The CE3 kit is the easiest vape pen to use that is available on the market. What makes them so popular is that they fit comfortably in the pocket and are lightweight, which offers a user-friendly feel. These devices are designed to vape oils that are too thick for regular e-juice coils, such as concentrated tobacco oils and waxes. Consumers can choose to buy pre-filled cartridges, or empty cartridges if they choose to use their own product. There are 2 different styles of CE3 devices: pen style and oil cart mods.

Pens are the most basic and easy to use set-ups. Most of these devices have a lower battery capacity, automatic draw, and screw in to a 5/10 thread charging mechanism. Pens are perfect for beginners, or for those who use thinner oils. Oil cart mods resemble box mods but are much smaller and easier to conceal. These devices have a variable voltage feature, meaning you can adjust the temperature to work with any thickness of oil. The cartridge does not screw into the battery like it does with a pen style. Instead, a magnetic tank collar is attached to the bottom of the cartridge, and it drops down into the device. This method allows for more cartridges to be compatible with the device.

At Smokers Haven, our CE3 selection has expanded and is the largest it’s ever been! We carry everything from pen styles, oil cart mods, empty cartridges, replacement collars, chargers, and accessories to make CE3 style vaping easy and affordable!

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