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The Naturally Occurring State of Nicotine That is Found in Tobacco Leaves.

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Nicotine Salt is the naturally occurring state of nicotine that is found in tobacco leaves (it’s not actual salt). This extracted nicotine in e-liquid is known to mimic the throat hit and absorption rate of tobacco while avoiding the tar and carcinogens that come with traditional smoking methods. Because of its smoothness, nicotine salt e-liquid is available in higher strengths of nicotine. However, the absorption rate of Nicotine Salt e-liquid is much faster than other e-liquids, so Nicotine salts are only to be used in Pod Devices, NOT SUB OHM in order to avoid excessive nicotine intake. Nicotine Salts contain high levels of nicotine that could be harmful to you and your vaporizer if used in a sub-ohm tank. Although Nicotine Salt e-liquids require a lower power device, they are often observed as a better option for replacing tobacco. The similar sensation, higher concentration, and more balanced absorption rate mean that it’s easier to be satisfied by fewer puffs, making smoking that much easier to leave behind.

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